Our products

Our products

ilios bio farm offers various products, as well as food, all biologically certified.

We can provide a limited production of biological olive oil, red wine, soap.

We can also offer you food, depending on the season : eggs, chickens, fruits and vegetables.

All the products are biologically certified by Qways certification organism.

Olive oil

Olive oil is made from our own production. Specially pressed to keep all its taste, the oil is very green with a strong smell and taste. Analysis shows that the oil from the Kastro region is one of the very best olive oil in the world !

Available in 250ml & 750ml bottles and 5L aluminium boxes.


Light red wine, slightly sparkling and very sweet. Made from our own grapes, we only have very limited quantities, so hurry up because stocks usually do not last !

Available in 50cl and 75cl bottles.


Hand made, with the greatest respect to ancient methods. Cold saponification keeps all the benefits of the olive oil and all the glycerin of the soap. Leaves the skin very smooth and rehydrated.


We are producing a lot of vegetables and fruits. As we are not using any artificial method for growing, eveything is available seasonally.

We have oranges, lemons, apricots, figs, … , peppers, tomatoes, zucchinis, … amongst others !

We are raising various animals too. Chickens and eggs are thus available very often, as well as lamb, pork, depending on the season.